Laser Engraving and Cutting

Any modifications from manufactures specifications are at your own risk

Changing a SainSmart LC60A to Laser Tree LT-40W-F23 laser module

Disconnect and remove old laser module and set aside.
Old laser control no longer needed
Connect the 3 core black wire coming from main machine control box to the three wires of the new laser module.
Ensure you get the Vcc,GND and PMW correct. If using plugs they may be switched over

I found is that all the cables have male connectors at both ends and you can not seem to get a cable with male one end and female on the other end so I had to make up my own connector using a PCB female connector and a piece of strip board.

Now its up and running I might tidy the connections up by removing the plugs and soldering the wires together and using heat shrinks to cover joints

Laser Tree at

YouTube of laser change-


Two Images of models HO/OO (also in N Gauge) railway station models drawn and cut by me. Made from1.6mm ply it takes two sheets for HO/OO model

Based on a station in Ramsgate that I used to walk past on my way home from school back in the 1960’s